Sign the Recall Petition

Yes, you need to sign the petition again regardless of how (or if!) you previously signed. We are starting over to collect each and every signature once more. Please scroll down to find new and improved ways to sign! If you didn’t previously sign, now is your chance!

The people of Yamhill County have spoken. Nearly 9,000 of you came forward to sign our recall petition because you had enough of County Commissioner Lindsay Berschauer‘s extremism and bad-faith representation. Unfortunately, due to a clerical error, over 1,500 valid signatures were thrown out of our first filing, causing us to come just 323 signatures shy of the requirement to put a recall on the ballot.

We do not intend to let those voices go unheard.

Save Yamhill County is committed to re-filing, re-collecting signatures, and ultimately recalling Yamhill County Commissioner Lindsay Berschauer. We know we have the support in the county, we just need to get it on paper.

Over 170 volunteers from our community — new and returning — have stepped up to help our effort. We have legal experts double-checking all our paperwork to ensure everything is done properly.

We just need your help.

If you’ve signed our petition before, or if you are joining us for the first time and are a Yamhill County registered voter, join our call for better representation by signing your name to our recall petition.

Request a Petitioner

Our volunteer petitioners can bring a petition sheet to your home to collect your signature.

Use the link below to request a petitioner during times and days that are best for you.

Circulated Petition

Over the next 90 days our volunteers will be collecting signatures around Yamhill County at events, farmers markets, booths and homes.

Follow the link below for a list of opportunities to sign.

Print At Home Petition

You can print your own signature sheet at home to mail in or drop off. Yes, the form is approved by the County Clerk and the Secretary of State.

Follow the link below for detailed instructions.

County politics are best when they focus on improving the lives of county citizens.

we are a coalition of citizens united to Save Yamhill County from divisive, self-serving politics.