Why Are Taxpayers Funding Back Room Deals?

“Smith’s firm is ostensibly being paid for his time working on behalf of the Newberg School Board, but it is not clear where that money is coming from. According to a copy of the attorney-client agreement between Smith’s firm and the school board, fees range from $125 to 325 per hour for the services ofContinue reading “Why Are Taxpayers Funding Back Room Deals?”

Quid Pro Quo

The Oregon Government Ethics Commission is investigating a complaint that Lindsay Berschauer, Yamhill County Commissioner engaged in quid pro quo special favors when she appointed vocal supporter and frequent campaign donor Tom Hammer to the Mid-Willamette Area Committee on Transportation (MWACT). Oct. 19, 2020- Tom Hammer makes $1000 donation to then candidate Lindsay Berschauer’s campaign.Continue reading “Quid Pro Quo”

What Would You Do with 10 Million Dollars?

Did you know that for nearly half a year Lindsay Berschauer, Yamhill County Commissioner has been sitting on $10 Million dollars earmarked to address exactly the sort of staffing shortages that our Board of Commissioners is now proposing to declare a State of Emergency over? Are you ok with a Commissioner creating emergencies in YamhillContinue reading “What Would You Do with 10 Million Dollars?”

Fun Fact ✅ Lindsay Berschauer is a Bully

It was only a matter of time. We’d like to know if Lindsay Berschauer, Yamhill County Commissioner intends to bully and harass each and every one of the 120 volunteer members of our coalition, each and every one of the thousands of her constituents who’ve signed our petition? Whether they’ve been here 4 weeks orContinue reading “Fun Fact ✅ Lindsay Berschauer is a Bully”

If You Don’t Know, Now You Know

Lindsay Berschauer, Yamhill County Commissioner and attorney Tyler Smith of Tyler Smith & Associates, Rural Business Attorneys have never disclosed their relationship: not when he was illegally brought on as supplemental counsel for the Newberg School Board, and not when she brought him in to the Yamhill Board of Commissioner’s meeting to defend the SecondContinue reading “If You Don’t Know, Now You Know”

Tell Them It’s Time #ReleaseTheRelief

While the Yamhill Board of Commissioners takes a break from meeting this week, they are currently sitting on over 10 million dollars in American Rescue Plan funds. This money is intended to help Yamhill workers, families, small businesses and public health get back on their feet, but our commissioners have been sitting on it forContinue reading “Tell Them It’s Time #ReleaseTheRelief”