We need donations to help spread the word about the upcoming special election.

Each donation helps purchase yard signs and help get the word out about the special election in March. Lindsay Berschauer is a powerful and well-connected political operative. She will have all the money she needs to defend her seat. Ours is a volunteer effort. It will take people power and community resolve to win.

Oregon’s Political Tax Credit allows people to donate to political campaigns (up to $50 per person or $100 per couple) for political causes like this recall and to receive every dollar back when you file your Oregon income taxes.

Help us bring locally-focused and common-sense governance back to Yamhill County.

Lindsay Berschauer won her seat in May 2020 at the height of the pandemic on the votes of less than 23% of the electorate. Since then she has sent $1.1 million of tax-payer money out of Yamhill County, disregarded state law, and impeded efficient county management by publicly berating county employees for political gain. She has attacked her constituents simply for participating in the democratic process, publishing their names, addresses, and businesses on her social media. She has failed to register as a lobbyist for her political consulting firm and has never disclosed her clients. Over 9,000 citizens of Yamhill County have come together to remove Lindsay Berschauer from office for her corruption, ineffectiveness, and waste of tax-payer money.

Who is Save Yamhill County?

Save Yamhill County is a coalition of Yamhill County citizens from all walks of life. We are common sense independents, conservatives and liberals who all believe that county politics are best when they are focused on improving the lives of Yamhill County citizens. We are local business owners, parents, teachers, and farmers. We are your neighbors!

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