Stan Primozich

Former Commissioner Stan Primovich

I normally would not support this type of political activity. That being said, I do not think Commissioner Lindsay Berschauer considers what is best for Yamhill County in her activities or in her votes on the Board of Commissioners. Her voting leads me to believe that she has a personal agenda that serves a few of the citizens but certainly not the majority. What the few citizens who voted in that election were led to believe was that Lindsay was going to educate herself on the needs of the county and she would work diligently to see that all citizens of Yamhill County were well-served. As we quickly found out, she has an agenda that gives little if any consideration to the greater needs of our county and serves only the few people who put many dollars into her campaign.

Commissioner Berschauer was elected due in large part to the endorsement and support of a sitting Commissioner, Mary Starrett. I served with Commissioner Starrett, and although we disagreed quite often, I did appreciate that Mary worked very hard in the areas she had taken on as her responsibility. It seems that Lindsay follows Mary’s lead in most issues but again, does not seem to know the issues herself. Lindsay has replaced being knowledgeable and competent with loud and abusive words. We need to take action now, as I do not think the citizens of Yamhill County can withstand the damage that Commissioners Starrett and Berschauer are capable of doing as a team.

It is for the reasons stated above that I support the recall effort to remove Commissioner Berschauer.

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