Tai Harden

I fully support the recall effort against Yamhill County Commissioner Lindsay Berschauer because Commissioner Berschauer is harmful to the community.

While it is nearly impossible to list all of the ways Commissioner Berschauer has betrayed the trust of the residents of Yamhill County, for me, some of Commissioner Berschauer’s most egregious words and conduct center around her responses to the recent Newberg School Board election.

School boards are nonpartisan, so those who run for school board do so with full awareness that it is a nonpartisan race. Unfortunately, despite knowing this, Commissioner Berschauer, spoke out in full support of the three right-wing candidates who ran under the slate of, “Save Our Schools”, despite its racist undertones. Commissioner Berschauer inserted herself into a nonpartisan race and endorsed three candidates (two of whom were elected) that played on fear, negative racial stereotypes, and misinformation, and sought to bring more divisiveness and animus to our community; and with her support they have been able to do just that. That is a betrayal of the worst kind.

Commissioner Berschauer’s actions have hurt so many; and we as the community are now left to clean up the mess Commissioner Berschauer has caused the best way we can. Fortunately, the work of cleaning up that mess starts here, with this recall.Tai Harden

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