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The people of Yamhill County have had enough of County Commissioner Lindsay Berschauer‘s waste, incompetence, and unprofessionalism. If you’re a Yamhill County registered voter, join our call for better representation by signing your name to our recall petition today.

There are two ways to sign:

Single Signature

The single signature e-sheet is designed for individual signers to download, sign, and mail in their signatures.

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Circulated Petition

Over the next 90 days our volunteers will be collecting signatures around Yamhill County at events, farmers markets, booths and homes.

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McMinnville, OR (August 2, 2021) – On Monday, August 2, Save Yamhill County, a newly-formed locally-focused grassroots political action committee, filed a petition with the Oregon Secretary of State for the recall of Yamhill County Commissioner Lindsay Berschauer. Chief Petitioner Philip Forve, retired Cargill executive, is not alone in his shock at her unnecessary and damaging waste of taxpayer money in Yamhill County. Forve is a registered Independent and resident of McMinnville, OR. A minimum of 6,873 signatures is needed to recall Lindsay Berschauer.

For the last month, hundreds of Yamhill County citizens have called for Lindsay Berschauer’s resignation. Commissioner Berschauer refuses to resign. Since taking office in January 2021, Yamhill County Commissioner Lindsay Berschauer has cost the county over $1.5 million while accepting $23,000 in special interest money. As County Commissioner, Lindsay Berschauer ended development of the Yamhelas Westsider Trail. Because of this, county taxpayers will have to repay — by taking money from existing County funds — over a million dollars to the Oregon Department of Transportation, while Berschauer’s political campaign collected campaign contributions from trail opponents who personally benefited from her actions.

Most recently, Lindsay Berschauer conditioned her approval on the City of Newberg’s Urban Renewal District on voter approval through a special election. The Urban Renewal District had passed Newberg’s City Council unanimously with opportunity for public comment, and represented years of work from the City of Newberg. The City only required County approval for small, unincorporated parts of the City. But now, just for Berschauer to grandstand to taxpayers in a taxing district she couldn’t even define, Yamhill County could be forced to pay $70,000 for a special election in Newberg.

Save Yamhill County is gravely concerned that Lindsay Berschauer’s actions as commissioner repeatedly conflict with state law and expose Yamhill County to costly legal liability. Her lack of professionalism toward, and publicly demonstrated contempt for, our county’s civil servants has made her the subject of at least one hostile workforce complaint.

Lindsay Berschauer costs Yamhill taxpayers millions. Her continuation in office will surely cost needless millions more. We citizens of Yamhill County demand a recall.

Save Yamhill County will begin collecting recall signatures at the Yamhill County Fair, August 4-7, 2021. To learn more, donate, or to sign up to volunteer, visit www.saveyamhillcounty.com.

County politics are best when they focus on improving the lives of county citizens.

we are a coalition of citizens united to Save Yamhill County from divisive, self-serving politics.