Why Are Taxpayers Funding Back Room Deals?

“Smith’s firm is ostensibly being paid for his time working on behalf of the Newberg School Board, but it is not clear where that money is coming from.

According to a copy of the attorney-client agreement between Smith’s firm and the school board, fees range from $125 to 325 per hour for the services of Smith, his fellow attorneys or their staff.

“Given that Lindsay Berschauer, Yamhill County Commissioner also brought attorney Tyler Smith (her relative) into the BOC meetings as supplemental council we’d sure love to know who’s paying him. Particularly since his advice is now getting our county sued.

If you’re tired of Yamhill taxpayers footing the bill for Commissioner Lindsay Berschauer’s back room dealings you can sign our recall petition at: www.saveyamhillcounty.com

What’s more…

Tyler Smith, the attorney who advised on (and wrote) the SASO and who is now representing the Newberg School Board, is related to Lindsay Berschauer, Yamhill County Commissioner through her ex-husband.

Help us stop the out of county takeover of Yamhill.

Add your name to the petition to recall Yamhill County Commissioner Lindsay Berschauer at: www.saveyamhillcounty.com



Quid Pro Quo

The Oregon Government Ethics Commission is investigating a complaint that Lindsay Berschauer, Yamhill County Commissioner engaged in quid pro quo special favors when she appointed vocal supporter and frequent campaign donor Tom Hammer to the Mid-Willamette Area Committee on Transportation (MWACT).

Oct. 19, 2020- Tom Hammer makes $1000 donation to then candidate Lindsay Berschauer’s campaign.

Aug. 6, 2021- Tom Hammer pens a letter to the editor of the News-Register containing numerous misleading statements and falsehoods in defense of Commissioner Berschauer and against the recall effort directed at her.

Aug. 12, 2021- Commissioner Berschauer appoints Tom Hammer to the Mid-Willamette Area Committee on Transportation. She neither recuses herself nor does she disclose the conflict of interest. Motion passes 2-1.

Aug. 24, 2021- Tom Hammer donates an additional $1000 to Lindsay Berschauer’s campaign PAC.

Our Counties Committee seats should not be for sale to the highest bidder, nor should special interest political support be a pre-requisite for appointment.

Yamhill County deserves better than Lindsay Berschauer’s corrupt politics.

Sign the petition to recall Lindsay Berschauer at www.saveyamhillcounty.com

Thank you!

This campaign has never been about one person. It is about all of us coming together to hold standards for decency, professionalism, honesty and faithfulness in the elected officials who represent us.

Independent, Republican, or Democrat we’re proud of the integrity of the people of Yamhill County. We’re honored to stand with you!

Join us, help us recall professional political consultant, and bad-faith politician Lindsay Berschauer. Together we can save Yamhill County.

What Would You Do with 10 Million Dollars?

Did you know that for nearly half a year Lindsay Berschauer, Yamhill County Commissioner has been sitting on $10 Million dollars earmarked to address exactly the sort of staffing shortages that our Board of Commissioners is now proposing to declare a State of Emergency over?

Are you ok with a Commissioner creating emergencies in Yamhill County just so she can dress up like a Superhero and save the day?

Enough with the Munchausen by proxy governing! If you’ve had enough write a letter to the Board of Commissioners and/or The News Register.

Sign our petition to recall bad-faith Commissioner Lindsay Berschauer at: http://www.saveyamhillcounty.com

Fun Fact ✅ Lindsay Berschauer is a Bully

It was only a matter of time. We’d like to know if Lindsay Berschauer, Yamhill County Commissioner intends to bully and harass each and every one of the 120 volunteer members of our coalition, each and every one of the thousands of her constituents who’ve signed our petition?

Whether they’ve been here 4 weeks or 4 generations, Lindsay Berschauer swore an oath to represent the best interests of ALL the people of Yamhill County.

Her constituents deserve to exercise their democratic rights without intimidation or harassment.

Sadly, Lindsay’s recent smear campaign is representative of the type of bullying, unbecoming politics that led us to file our recall petition in the first place.

Help us bring decency back to the Yamhill County Board of Commissioners. Sign our petition to recall Lindsay Berschauer at www.saveyamhillcounty.com

In Violation of the Constitution

Bully politician and paid political consultant Lindsay Berschauer, Yamhill County Commissioner doesn’t like people disagreeing with her, even when those voices are the constituents she’s sworn to represent.

Go to www.saveyamhillcounty.com to sign our petition to recall County Commissioner Lindsay Berschauer and help us protect the constitutional rights of the people of Yamhill County.

If your posts have been illegally removed from her Facebook page, let us know. We can connect you with other citizens who are taking action.

If You Don’t Know, Now You Know

Lindsay Berschauer, Yamhill County Commissioner and attorney Tyler Smith of Tyler Smith & Associates, Rural Business Attorneys have never disclosed their relationship: not when he was illegally brought on as supplemental counsel for the Newberg School Board, and not when she brought him in to the Yamhill Board of Commissioner’s meeting to defend the Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance that he wrote.

What other conflicts of interest are they hiding?

Yamhill County citizens deserves a Commissioner loyal to them, not special interests and shady backroom actors.

Visit www.saveyamhillcounty.com to help us recall Lindsay Berschauer.